Any Caring Stones Necklace, Earrings or Bracelet can be made into 2 or 3 piece sets: necklace and earrings; necklace and bracelet, bracelet and earrings, or matching necklace, bracelet and earrings.  However, any set item may also be purchased separately!   If you like an item shown by itself under the “Necklaces”, “Bracelets” or “Earrings” drop downs, and would like a matching set, contact me and I will create  them for you, provided the Kazuri beads are still available. If the exact Kazuri beads are not available, I can often find others in similar colors to match.  Remember to indicate the styles you prefer when ordering.

“Onaedo” (African girl’s name meaning “Gold”) – Bright yellow shales and rounds, spotted or swirled with 14K gold, are strung with gold accent beads, chain and clasps.  Flower bead caps accent the plain yellow balls on the necklace.  Earrings contain yellow Swarovski crystal, and gold filled ear wires. Necklace: $40.00; Bracelet: $25.00; Earrings: $15.00; 3-Piece Set: $72.00


“Silver Birch”
– Shiny, metallic Kazuri pita pats, spotted with pink, are linked with silver wire, rhodonite squares and finished with dangling silver plated pewter birch leaves.  Matching bracelet is comprised of 4 shiny Kazuris spotted with pink and 2 plain shiny pita pats, pink Swarovski crystals and silver beaded spacers.  Earrings consist of shiny diagonal cubes with pink Swarovski crystals, suspended in a sterling silver hoop, with sterling ear wires.  Necklace: $40.00; Bracelet:  $25.00; Earrings: $15.00; 3-Piece Set: $72.00 

“Fola” (African girl’s name meaning “Honor”) – Shiny Kazuri pita pats are followed by dark green rhyolite twists, with jade rounds and antique gold spacers, completed with antique gold fancy toggle clasps.  Earrings contain jade rounds and Shiny Kazuri diagonal cubes attached to gold filled ear wires.  Necklace: $45.00; Bracelet: $25.00; Earrings: $15.00; 3-Piece Set: $76.50


“Salihah” (African girl’s name meaning “Agreeable”) – “Ballet” pink and tawny Kazuri beads are strung with rhodinite, rose quartz, and jasper – chips, squares, nuggets and rounds, and accented with shiny copper beads and clasp.  Kazuri beads are striped, swirled or plain tawny.  Earrings have shiny copper ear wires.  Necklace: $38.00; Bracelet: $25.00; Earrings: $15.00; 3-Piece Set: $70.00

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