Custom Orders

Each Caring Stones Jewelry piece is made to order.  Every piece is a unique work of art. 

As a result, the pieces represented are not meant as a catalog such, but rather examples of prototypes that can be made to order. 

Every purchase you make ensures that the women in the Nairobi who handmake these beautiful jems will have continued opportunities for employment.


  • Contact Caring Stones using the form below, or by email at or 607-215-3427.
  • Please specify the item name/description, colors, whether to use gold or silver accents, and any other specifications to individualize the item. 
  • The ordered item(s) will be made and a picture will be mailed to the customer before payment. 
  • The total price, plus Priority Shipping, will be included when the picture is emailed.
  • This will be confirmed by the customer via an email reply, and then follow up with payment.  


  • Only payments made by check or money order are accepted. 
  • The check will be deposited and the item(s) sent after it clears – a 3 day waiting period.
  • Payment will include price of item, plus $4.75 Priority Shipping. 
  • Payment should be made to Janet K. Tanner/Caring Stones, P O Box 8, Reading Center, NY 14876. 

To purchase handcrafted Caring Store Jewelry, please contact Janet Tanner at or 607-215-3427

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