Necklace Style 4

Style 4 Caring Stones Necklaces are strung on beading wire in a wide assortment of styles and lengths.  Kazuri and accent beads may comprise the entire necklace, or only a portion, with the remaining length completed with chain or leather.  A center pendant may be added for distinction.  Kazuri beads may also be attached as drops from a chain or linked necklace.  Multiple strands may be included for diversity. 

“Nsombi” (African girl’s name meaning “abundant joy”) – 5 salmon colored Kazuri beads, streaked with 14k. gold, pale aqua and green are interrupted by robins-egg-blue small rounds.  Hammered gold spacers and Swarovski crystals add sparkle.  It is finished with decorative gold plated chain and gold filled hook and eye clasp.  Length: 18 inches.  Cost $40.00


“Ssanyu” (African girl’s name meaning “happy one”) – 5 red and white “pebbles” are strung with white shell heishi and round beads, Central pendant style.  1mm red cord attached with sterling silver cord ends completes this necklace.  Finished with sterling silver lobster clasp.  Length: 16 ½ – 17 inches.  Cost $35.00


“Indigo Girl” – Kazuris with 2 shades of blue and cream are strung with indigo glass, sterling silver balls, and carved ivory resin.  Finished with silver plated chain and sterling silver lobster clasp.  Length: 18 inches. Cost $35.00



“Shiny Brunett” – Pearlized bronze Kazuri rounds and cylinders, capped with copper, are strung with copper swirls, red creek jasper and carnelian.  Finished with fancy copper toggle clasp.  Length: 20 inches.  Cost $38.00



“Kesha” (African girl’s name meaning “favorite”) – Kazuri beads in tawny, deep aqua, brown and rose are strung with a variety of glass and mineral beads, accented with antique gold swirls and beaded spacers.  Finished with antique gold toggle clasp.  Length: 25 inches.  Cost $38.00


(African girl’s name meaning “rain”) – 3 Kazuri beads in cream, grey-green and black are strung with green aventurine and dalmatian jasper, finished with gold chain and gold filled hook and eye clasp, accented by a second strand of aventurine and yellow tiger’s eye chips and rounds.  Length: 19 inches.  Cost $35.00 


“Blair” – 3 forest green “turtle” Kazuri pita pats drop from fine black beading wire, and are accented with small onyx and sterling silver round beads, and black Swarovski crystals.  Length: 17 inches (plus 2 ½ inch extender).  Cost $30.00

3 Responses to Necklace Style 4

  1. Nancy Howland says:

    I just talked to you at the T-burg Craft Fair and I have a question or two for you. Can you get a wide variety of colors of beads from Kenya or are you somewhat limited in your choice of colors? Would you consider making beads to go with specific colors for a retail store?

    I am a private individual with just an idea. I don’t know if the retail store would be interested or not, but I thought I would ask you first if you had any interest in all.

    • Fred Kopp says:

      Hi Nancy,

      Thanks for your interest in Caring Stones. We will follow up directly with you.

    • janettanner says:

      Hi Nancy. I sent you an email, but will reply here as well. Yes to both of your questions! Kazuri beads come in a wonderful variety of colors! I would love to do the latter! Hope you had a great holiday. Sincerely, Jan Tanner

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