Necklace Style 2

These Caring Stones Necklaces contain a single, large Kazuri pendant, often with wire wrapping, and strung on a variety of chains, beads, leather.  Length can vary according to wishes. 

“Yellow Moon” – A large round pendant in yellow, with grey and black brush strokes, is wrapped with silver wire, from which dangles a small, black Swarovski crystal.  It is suspended from a chain of satin black glass beads interrupted with black Swarovski crystals.  Finished with hammered rhodium plated heart toggle.   Length: 18 inches.  Cost $25.00    


“Amberlyn” – A round pendant in tan, streaked with aqua, grey and black, is wired with brass wire to a chain of linked aventurine, jasper hearts and hammered gold plated small rings.  Finished with hammered heart toggle.  Length: 25 inches.  Cost $35.00



“Black Lion” – A black Kazuri lion head, painted with 14k. gold, is wrapped with 2 brass wire curls, and sturng from a rope of braided black hemp and gold beads.  Finished with antique gold toggle clasp.  Length: 26 inches.  Cost $25.00

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