Necklace Style 1

Style 1 Caring Stones necklaces are Kazuri beads linked with glass/mineral beads along with gold, silver or copper wire and links.  They may be any length.  The longer necklaces may be work as a single strand, long necklace; wrapped twice around the neck for a shorter, double strand necklace; or with an extender, as a double strand, mid length necklace.  

These necklaces may feature a specific Kazuri bead and/or color, or they may include a variety of mixed colors and styles of beads.  They may be shorter, designed to be worn only as a single strand, and may contain a pendant.  If you wish to order from this style, please indicate length, preference of gold, copper or silver links, if extender is desired, the name of the necklace you like, and color(s).  Prices vary with the type and number of links and beads used. 

“Boitumelo” (African girl’s name meaning “joy”) – 5 plain colored Kazuri beads and 5 pebble Kazuri beads (5 spots) in a variety of colors are linked with black onyx pillows by silver wire and silver swirl links.  Completed with hammered heart toggle.  Length: 41 inches.  May be worn in any of the 3 ways listed above.   Cost $45.00


“Mandisa” (African girl’s name meaning “ sweet”) – Multiple style Kazuri beads in pearlized pink, some painted with 14k. gold, are linked with rose quartz, rhodonite squares, gold hammered circle links, and gold plated flower beads.   Length: 31 inches.  No toggle clasp – slips over head and may be worn as a single long necklace or a mid length, doubled with an extender.  Cost $55.00

“Tafarrah” (African girl’s name meaning “she who inspires awe”) – Black, white and red Kazuri and other beads are linked with silver rings to a length of 44 inches.  No clasp – will go over head once as long, single necklace or twice as short, double.  May also be worn with extender as a mid length double strand necklace.  Beads include onyx flowers, banded onyx, coral, silver, carved, and shell.  Cost $48.00

“Ayoka” (African girl’s name meaning “one who causes joy”) – Fancy 14k. gold-painted brown barrel shaped Kazuri beads are linked with hammered gold and red jasper, finished with hammered heart toggle clasp.  Length: 33 inches.  Designed to be worn as single, long necklace, or double long with an extender.  Cost $48.00


“Sunny Sky” – A silver wire-worked blue and yellow “jambo” pendant is linked with hammered silver rings to 6 other yellow and blue Kazuri beads, finished with silver rings and hammered heart toggle.  Length: 21 inches.  Designed to be worn as single strand, due to pendant-style.  Cost $40.00 


“Femi” (African girl’s name meaning “God loves me”) – A shorter linked necklace of cream Kazuri pita pats streaked with pink and 14k. gold, large round plain pink Kazuri beads, small round lepidolite and pale pink Swarovski crystals, finished with a fancy antique gold toggle.  Designed to be worn as a single strand necklace.  Length: 26 inches.  Cost $ 40.00


“Makena” (African girl’s name meaning “the happy one”) – 5 Kazuri pita pats in golden yellow spotted with cream, blue and brown are linked with gold leaf linds to small matching blue round beads.  Finished with chain.  Designed to be worn as single strand necklace.  Completed with gold filled lobster clasp.  Length: 26 ½ inches.   Cost $37.00 

“Jmoke” (African girl’s name meaning “everyone loves the child”) – A variety of white Kazuri pita pats with black designs are linked with silver and onyx chips, from which dangles a wire-wrapped zebra pendant with tiny red coral accent.  Finished with double black leather and silver toggle clasp.  Designed to be worn as single necklace.  Length: 27 inches.  Cost $48.00 


“Ayodele” (African girl’s name meaning “joy of the house”) – Plain turquoise pita pats are linked with gold plated “Greek”  square links and diagonal cube Kazuri beads that have their edges painted with 14k. gold.  Finished with gold plated chain and gold filled lobster clasp.  Length: 22 ½ inches.  Designed to wear as a single strand.  Cost $37.00

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