Earring Style 5

Style 5 Caring Stone Earrings are created with large round Kazuri beads, or “ting tings” or larger, square “wild flower” Kazuri beads.  They may have designs painted on them or remain a solid color.  Specific components could be subject to substitution or change without notice.  Quantities may be limited and new pieces are being created on a regular basis.  Cost: $15.00

“Safara” (African girl’s name meaning “fire”) – These larger Kazuri balls in red are accented with silver beaded spacers,  suspended on sterling silver ear wires.




“Yohance” (African girl’s name meaning “God’s gift”) – Large black Kazuri “ting tings” are accented with deep red Swarovski crystals, beaded silver spacers, on sterling silver ear wires.



“Yassah” (African girl’s name meaning “a dance”) – Large white pokadotted black Kazuri balls are attached to sterling silver ear wires with beaded silver spacers and black Swarovski crystals.




“Themba” (African girl’s name meaning “trust, hope, faith”) – Although not round, these “wildflower” earrings in stripes of purple, cream and brown are approximately the same size as the large Kazuri round beads.  Accented with antique gold beaded spacers and tiny purple beads, they are attached to gold filled ear wires.



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