Earring Style 2

Caring Stones Style 2 earrings are large, plain Kazuri pita pats, with or without wire work.  A variety of colors is available.  Specific components could be subject to substitution or change without notice.  Quantities may be limited and new pieces are being created on a regular basis.  Cost: $15.00

“Shimmering Sea” – Sea green Kazuri pita pats are accented with wire wrapping and matching amazonite. Ear wires are sterling silver.   




“Ujana” (African girl’s name meaning “youth”) – Pure white Kauri pita pats are accented with lime green chalk turquoise, silver wire work, silver beaded spacers, and sterling silver ear wires.



“Hazina” (African girl’s name meaning “good”) – Bright crimson Kazuri pita pats are decorated with black wire wrapping and black onyx balls, and are suspended from sterling silver ear wires.



– Kazuri pita pats accented with burgundy jasper hearts and gold nugget spacers, dangled from gold filled ear wires.

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