Caring Stones Earrings are created in a wide variety of styles and colors, and can be made to go with any necklace and/or bracelet.  Earrings can be plain, with wire work, small, or large, short or long!  All ear wires are sterling silver or gold filled, with the exception of copper. 

Caring Stones Earrings are made to order – no two are exactly alike.  A variety of pieces are represented in 5 style categories.  Specific components could be subject to substitution or change without notice.  Quantities may be limited and new pieces are being created on a regular basis.  Please specify colors; style and whether gold, silver or copper ear wires are to be used.  Also, specify if they are to match a necklace or bracelet, as well as information describing size or other things you would or would not like.  You will be sent a picture or your order in advance.  Cost: $15.00

Caring Stones Earrings may also be made of just the accent beads to match a necklace and do not include Kazuri beads.  Cost: $12.00 

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