Bracelet Style 2

These Caring Stones Bracelets are similar to those in Style 1, except they are strung on elastic cord, and there is no clasp.  They may contain more Kazuri beads than Style 1.  Specific components could be subject to substitution or change without notice.  Quantities may be limited and new pieces are being created on a regular basis.  Cost: $25.00

“Tiger”– Pitapats in tiger print are strung on elastic with antique gold swirls and onyx.




“Red Pewter” – These red beads are painted with platinum, and interspersed with little silver plated hearts on elastic.



“Onyx Rose” – Kazuri beads in tan with rose and black accents are strung with fancy antique gold diamonds.




“Mixed Animal” – Little Kazuri shales in tiger, giraffe and lemur are interrupted by antique gold-plated pewter spirals, on elastic.




“Ujana” (African girl’s name meaning “youth”) – Shiny black Kazuri beads intermingle with bright lime green chalk turquoise rounds.




“Aiyana” (African girl’s name meaning “flower blossom”) – Ivory Kazuri shales painted with pale blue squiggles and dots are strung with carved cream beads and silver balls.

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