About this Blog/Website

This blog/website was created for Caring Stones by Entrepreneurial IDEAMAKERSTM 

IDEAMAKERS was founded as a resource for helping innovate, entrepreneurial companies tell their stories. IDEAMAKERS’ purpose is to provide organizations like Caring Stones with high quality, common sense and affordable advertising, marketing and creative branding services to build strong awareness for their products and services. 

It is that spirit that IDEAMAKERS partnered with Bryant & Stratton College. The two organizations are working together on a program in which IDEAMAKERS’ services can include college-level students directed by seasoned experts – working in concert with Bryant & Stratton’s academic programs.

The Future Entrepreneurial Ideamakers Internship Program will help students possessing the necessary skills for specific projects opportunities gain real-world experience and build better portfolios and resumes. Entrepreneurial organizations will be provided with high quality, yet less expensive ways to launch and grow their businesses by more effectively informing customers of their offerings.

Talented graphic design intern Michelle Warner contributed greatly to the graphic design of this website, as well as other marketing materials.  It is Michelle’s designs that are represented here.  Interns Leigh Wolters, and Susan Putorek were also involved with the Caring Stones project.  They are all students of Scott Mitchell, who is an Academic Program Director at Bryant & Stratton College. 

For more information, please visit IDEAMAKERS’ website at www.theIDEAMAKERS.com  and blog at www.theIDEAMAKERSBlog.wordpress.com email inquiries to info@theIDEAMAKERS.com .

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